FOOTLOOSE Travel Kit (TK58C)

FOOTLOOSE Travel Kit (TK58C)

Whether you're a total fitness fanatic or you're more of a so-called casual guest at the gym, a good phone armband in Hong Kong for your smartphone is a convenient piece of gear to have — and one that will not take up too much space in your gym bag. Whether you enjoy listening to music for extra motivation, or you simply want to be able to safely carry your phone on you while out running, a phone armband will keep your hands free, and your phone close.


If you are familiar with the way your body and arms move while exercising, you will surely understand the tremendous hassle of needing to constantly adjust or deal with a poor-fitting phone armband. Your phone will be jostling around, and it can really throw off your rhythm during workouts. Therefore, a well-designed, form-fitting phone armband in Hong Kong will undoubtedly make for the perfect gym partner.


  • Our phone armband for Hong Kong market is compatible with all Apple & Samsung smartphones, and is designed for sports and outdoor activities like jogging, running, cycling, mountain, climbing, cross training, hiking, mountain biking, gym, rafting and much more.
  • High-quality materials: We have utilized high-quality lightweight Lycra fabric, flexible, portable, water/sweat proof materials
  • Key Holder & Earphone Slot: Built-in key pocket and secret compartment can safely store your house key while exercising. The earphone wire can be stored tidily in the slot of the armband. Earphone holes are designed and allow the headphone as well as charger cutouts access through the armband directly.
  • Screen-touch & Adjustable: The panel is designed with an extra-large and a highly visible clear frontal area that won't distort your Smartphone screen while offering full touch functionality for easy operation without removing your armband! A convenient, strong, and adjustable velcro strap with extension capability will ensure a secure fit during activities, and can be adapted for both thin and larger arms.
  • GUARANTEE: Our phone armband is one of our newest and hottest items of our brand – SOVIS. We stand by our products 100% and they all come with an 18-month guarantee.


FOOTLOOSE Travel Kit (TK58C)


FOOTLOOSE Travel Kit (TK58C)


Worldwide Smart Travel Adapter with Dual USB (5 colors choice)


  • Rated Voltage: Max.250V AC 10A

  • Input: 100-240V AC ~ 50/60 Hz

  • PC+ABS plastic with Flame resistant material

  • Accessory: Plug-EU, Plug-UK, Plug-US, Plug-AU/NZ


Product Comes Bundled With:

  1. Phone Armband
  2. 2 in 1 1 Lightning + Micro USB Cable (1M)
  3. Multi-purpose Travel Bag – 3 colors choices (160*110*50mm)


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