(Universal Travel Power Solution Organizer)

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嶄新 "自由配" 旅行套裝 Wise Kit

  • Keeping a powerful travel gadget in your luggage has become the norm, no matter if it’s a short domestic trip or a round-the-world adventure. If you are a frequent traveler who always travels from one country to another, you may struggle with finding a suitable travel gadget which is both compact and equipped with enough outlets for all your necessary devices. 

  • A universal travel adapter enables your devices to be plugged into walls with different types of sockets in other countries than the one used by your country. As it’s known to all, not every country shares the same type of plug, so our travel adapter ranges from smaller and simpler single-region adapters to universal versions that cover most countries on the planet.

  • If you use a universal travel adapter incorrectly, it may finally end with an unpleasant burning smell from your devices, or even ruining your home! Therefore, it is of paramount importance that consumers choose a brand with a good reputation that produces adapters that heave great quality.

  • With a travel adapter which is flexible enough to fit all kinds of socket formats and standards, you conveniently take it with you on trips wherever you go, and one good one will be enough for all your electronic devices. It saves your money, gives you more space in your luggage and solves the problem of charging in different countries.

  • Our universal travel adapter Hong Kong is currently on offer and has enough outlets and USB ports for charging up different devices at once. Ideal for travel, business trip, or even at home or office settings where the need to charge multiple devices is present. Each USB port can detect and deliver an optimal current output of up to 3.0A

  • Our travel adapter is designed to be the perfect size that fits right in the palm of your hand. Our compact and lightweight design will NOT take up much space in a bag or weigh you down, which makes it the perfect companion for cruise ships, hotels, airport terminals, or coffee shops. It also comes with a travel kit that is useful for keeping all the components and accessories together from scattering around in your backpack.

  • Our travel adapter in Hong Kong includes interchangeable plugs for use in over 150 countries, including: US (Type A), UK (Type G), IT (Type L), AU (Type I), EU (Type E/F) plugs compatible with outlets in Australia, North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Italy, Japan, Asia, China and many more. It is only suitable for dual or multi-voltage devices with an input voltage range of 100V-240V, otherwise you may need to use it with a voltage converter.