FOOTLOOSE Wireless Charger & Fast Charge

Power Bank Kit (TK58A/LB)

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FOOTLOOSE Wireless Charger & Fast Charge

Power bank Kit (TK58A/GY)

Having a wireless charger in Hong Kong is very handy and popular nowadays, and they are widely available in the market with different battery capacities. These portable battery packs usually come with multiple output ports. They have inbuilt wireless chargers and lightning ports for iPhones and other smartphones. These battery packs also feature the USB C port to support the latest MacBook and a variety of power outlet options. If you are looking to purchase the best power banks, do make sure you consider its features.

  • Our new portable wireless charger Hong Kong is available for sale with 10,000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery, 5V/2A output, wireless output of 10W Max & 18W output/input (Charging USB-C Power Delivery devices) and LCD power-indicating screen. It has a capacity to give up to 2-3 rounds of full charges for your phone or other devices. It is definitely the best battery low savior for travel, business trip or camping.

  • Our product is far from other simple quick charger in Hong Kong. Our carefully-designed wireless power bank is born to solve the universal headache of tangled USB cables in Hong Kong and messy charging cables in Hong Kong, for modern day smart device users.

  • The portable power bank has 3 ports-5V/2A USB output, Micro USB input and Type C port. Brand new Type C & PD3.0 technology and will never go out of date.

  • Designed with features for optimal portability. It can be conveniently pulled in and out of your purse, pocket or bag.

  • Our wireless and quick charger Hong Kong products are made of premium tempered glass, with a sleek and slim profile, light weight construction and a compact size.

Key product specifications are listed as follows:

  • Compatible with iOS & Android devices

  • Can charge 4 devices simultaneously

  • Battery type: Li-Polymer Battery

  • Micro input: 5V-2A,9V-2A (Max 18W)

  • Dual USB output: 5V/2A

  • Type-C input & output: 5V-3A,9V-2A,12V-1.5A (max 18W) ; Support PD3.0 & PD2.0

  • Wireless output: 10W Max

  • Material: Tempered Glass & ABS

  • Indicator: LED

  • Size: 148*74*13mm

  • Weight: 230g

Product is bundled with:

  1. Phone Armband

  2. 2 in 1 1 Lightning + Micro USB charging Cable (1M)

  3. Type-C to Type-C cable (1M)

  4. Multi-purpose Travel Bag – 3 colors choices (160*110*50mm)

Most of us make use of a power bank to address a specific need. Whether you are involved in work, business, or just a care-free backpacker, this cool gadget will serve you well. So, it all comes down to one single aspect, which is choosing the right one for you.