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All-around power solution covering AC and DC as well as emergency power for all travelling purposes.


Integrated & Smart Power Solution Expert For Travelers

All-around power solution & travel kit Hong Kong covering AC and DC as well as emergency power for all purpose travelling.

The local brand and design of “SOVIS” was originated in 2017. We are an innovated developer for mobile & travel accessories Hong Kong and offer end user handy & smart travel accessories Hong Kong with supreme quality. We position ourselves as “Integrated and Smart power solution expert for travelers" and our mission is to provide our customers with high quality life fashion products that will make our customers travel safe and enjoy every moment.

We launched our first Universal Travel Power Solution Organizer and had it available for sale at HKTDC Design Gallery’s Wanchai and Airport Shops April 2018. So far we have partnered with few other well-known retail chain stores and opened up more than 20 retails points including LOGON, HMV, PCCW (HABBITZZ), DG Lifestyle Store, J Select, Nobletime and etc. Our complete and all-round power solution and travel kit Hong Kong covers AC and DC as well as emergency power for all purpose travelling.

Our customers are able to get the POWER anywhere with our Universal Travel Power Solution Organizer including dual USB wall charger, High speed power bank, Dual USB car charger, Emergency charger and certified cables (Micro USB, Lightning & Type-C Cable).  They do not have to worry about power supplies when they are travelling.  Gadgets, cables and important fragile technical requirement are kept safe and immobile between elastics and in netted elastic organizer.

SOVIS is the subsidiary of Minwa Electronics Co, Ltd.* (Minwa). With the strong R&D capability and tight quality control system supported by Minwa, we proudly provide minimum 18-months guarantee on our products to the customers. Traveler’s safety and wellness will thus be taking good care along their journey.

Expanded product range with various electronic travel kits Hong Kong will be launched throughout the year. With the current setup and planning, we believe we are able to grow the business and ensure business sustainability in the long terms perspective.  As a captive brand owner, the bottom line, is experience, product safety, cost control, manufacturing ethics and environmental sustainability.

* Minwa is the OEM factory of Samsonite, GE, Philips, Targus, etc., all the products & travel accessories Hong Kong are well designed according to the famous brands’ requirements. Products safety has been straightly complied with the international standard.

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